Compact Research Coater System (CRC600 Series)

Torr International’s Compact Research Coater (model number CRC- 600) Sputtering System is a manual planar magnetron sputtering system designed for the nanotechnology research environment.

This fast and affordable high-rate sputtering system provides excellent film quality in a surprisingly small footprint. The CRC-600 can be used to develop deposition processes for materials including aluminum, carbon, chromium, gold, Teflon®, silicon dioxide, tantalum, tungsten and titanium.

Since the two-inch targets can be changed quickly, the CRC-600 is easily reconfigured for applications requiring a different series of deposited materials. The 150mm substrate platform and 300mm vacuum chamber accommodates wafers up to six inches in diameter, as well as irregularly shaped substrates.


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The CRC-600 Compact Research Coater uses a DC and RF compatible water-cooled planar magnetron source. Available options provide an expanded variety of process capabilities, including a water-cooled stage to protect extremely heat-sensitive samples such as polycarbonate membranes.

The optional stage heaters can rapidly and uniformly heat a substrate to a maximum of 600° C during deposition for improved film adhesion.

The CRC-600 can also be manufactured with a DC etch mode for a gentle, low-power plasma glow discharge pre-cleaning, and an RF etch option can be used for more serious etch applications for removal of bonded surface material before coating.


  • Table Top Sputtering System (20” x 24“ Footprint)
  • Electro-Polished Stainless Steel Chamber (D-Shaped Box)
  • 4” Diameter View Port on Front Door with Manual Shutter
  • Single/Multiple Magnetron Gun Assemblies with Various Target Sizes
  • Manual Shutter Assembly for All Sources
  • DC/RF Sputtering Deposition
  • Turbo Molecular Vacuum Pumping Sources with Matching Dual Stage Rotary Vane Pump
  • Quartz Crystal Thickness Sensor with Deposition Controller
  • Mass flow controller with Digital Readout
  • Full Range Vacuum Gauge with Digital Display & Readout
  • Easy Target Mounting
  • Semi-Automatic Controlled System


  • Water Chiller
  • Substrate Pre-Cleaning
  • Multi-Axis Substrate Stage Rotation
  • Quartz Lamp Heater (from 300° C up to 800° C)
  • Adjustable Size & Height Available for Substrate Stage
  • Motorized Shutter Assembly
  • Dry Scroll Pump
  • Cold or Hot Cathode Ionization Gauge
  • Adjustable Size & Height Available for Substrate Stage
  • Additional Spare Flanges for Future Upgrades (Depending Upon Size & Number of Guns)
  • PLC Controlled System