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Refurbished Combinational Deposition System

The system proposed herein is a Combination Deposition System that includes Electron Beam Evaporation, Thermal Evaporation with Ion Beam Assisted Deposition sources. The chamber can accommodate up to 4”/6” diameter substrates and allows a combination of Thermal Evaporation and Electron Beam techniques to be performed without breaking vacuum. The pumping system includes Cryo based pump roughed by a Dual stage rotary pump. 

Newly Developed Ion Beam Deposition System

Newly constructed Ion Beam Deposition System, featuring Water-Cooled Electro-Polished Vacuum Chamber with 1.5 X 10-6 Torr range ultimate vacuum, two large view ports & a large top lid for sample loading and easy access to all interior components with a water cooled target stage, Veeco Ion Source & Ion Tech Mps-3000 FC Power Supply, MKS Mass Flow Controller, Leybold Turbo Pump backed by an Edwards Two Stage Rough Pump, a wide range vacuum gauge & associated digital display.

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